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Spontaneity, honesty and humour - these are the things I look for when I pick up my camera. I learnt my photography amid the noise and chaos of the live music scene. Gig photography remains a passion, but these days I point my camera at a much wider variety of subjects.

This site should give you a taste of my work and of my style. If you like what you see please make contact - I always appreciate feedback.

Photography isn't my full-time profession, but I am a professional person who always produces work of the highest standard. That means I chose my projects based on interest, not on what will pay the bills this month. Whatever the project I'm working on - paid or unpaid - I bring energy and enthusiasm and I share my pictures under generous terms. I'm based in Cambridge (UK) and will travel for the right project.

If you have a event or an idea that needs striking images, drop me a line.

Sam Taylor

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